The Mitutoyo History


What we are today didn’t just start yesterday

At Mitutoyo future developments in measuring technology are based on the success of 80 plus years in business.

Once company founder Yehan Numata succeeded in establishing this micrometer – proprietarily designed and manufactured – as a manifold reference product he started broadening the scope of his attention by including other areas of measuring technology.

Over the following years and decades the company evolved to become one of the leading Japanese manufacturers of devices for length measurement presenting the broadest range of products in the field.

In the early sixties – after successful introduction into the American market – further expansions in Europe followed.

Thus the company was positioned in the best possible way to enter a new era of measuring technology.  In the 70s, effectual technological advancement meant electronics started being incorporated into all types of consumer devices. And just like the mechanical devices, the new electronic forms of measuring instruments, vision measuring systems and coordinate measuring machines carrying the Mitutoyo logo proved most convincing to customers all over the world.

The company’s leading role in designing and manufacturing innovative products could be ascertained again with the next evolutionary step in the field: the CNC technology.

Today, over 80 years after the founding of the company, the brand name Mitutoyo not only represents the most extensive range of products for length measuring but also stands for the most important full-range supplier globally operating in this line of business.