CMMs and Software

Mitutoyo CTL Germany GmbH develops and maintains the software for Mitutoyo's CMMs (Coordinate Measuring Machines).



The CMM is a device for measuring the physical and geometrical characteristics of an object. The measurements can be used in a wide variety of applications. One example is quality testing – to measure a rigid manufactured part, in order to compare it against the intended design.

CMM designs and methods of measurement vary, but typical designs involve the object to be measured being clamped in place, then a high precision probe being guided towards the object, and then the coordinates at the point of contact being measured.

Mitutoyo's CMMs have a reputation for high precision. Through thorough analysis of all possible error-producing factors and elimination or minimization of their effects, they have built CMMs with resolutions down to 10nm.

You can find videos of our CMMs in action through this link



The Software



The CMMs are operated and data is processed by Mitutoyo's propriety MCOSMOS software, which is developed here at Mitutoyo CTL Germany GmbH. The MCOSMOS package is a suite of inter-related modules, which operate together seamlessly and reliably. The software has been designed to meet both specific demands of our customers and to be flexible at the same time.

Depending on the customers' measurement needs, they can purchase 1 of 3 MCOSMOS configurations, and extra modules may be purchased at a later date if the need arises.

 Module Included   GEOPAK   CAT1000P   CAT1000S   SCANPAK 
MCOSMOS 1 ? - - -
MCOSMOS 2 ? ? ? -
MCOSMOS 3 ? ? ? ?




 MCOSMOS Software for 3D-CNC-Coordinate Measuring Machines PRE 1156(6)   Click here to view the MCOSMOS prospectus.


MiCAT Planner

The consistency of creating a high-quality measurement programs every time, is a major challenge in the field of metrology.

Our innovative “MiCAT Planner” software takes on this challenge for our customers. “MiCAT Planner” has been developed in cooperation with our international partners, to automatically and rapidly create optimised measuring programs. To do so “MiCAT Planner” needs just the customer’s CAD model and a selected CMM configuration.

In an ideal case, the measurement program is created with only three mouse clicks.

  • Select the CAD model
  • Start the measurement program generation
  • Convert the measurement program to MCOSMOS

The rules editor allows the customer to control the measurement program in an easy and efficient manner. Furthermore the measurement program will be instantly and automatically adapted, e.g. when the user changes the density of measurement points.

With our “MiCAT Planner” Mitutoyo is the only provider of such software, which can save our customers significant amounts of time (up to 95% compared to conventional methods) in the creation of measurement programs, and thus to increase our customers’ productivity and efficiency.

Another advantage is the minimisation of inadvertent user influence which could unfavourably effect the measurement program's structure.

  Please click here to view the MiCAT Planner prospectus.


Here you can see a promotional video of our MiCAT Software from Mitutoyo's YouTube channel.

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