Video Demonstrations

These videos demonstrate some Mitutoyo measurement systems in action.

Our Mitutoyo software is responsible for controlling our machines, the measurement process, the analysis and the display of the measurement results. These functions and processes are controlled with a so-called measurement program. Our Mitutoyo software is used in advance of measurement to create and save the measurement program. A single saved measurement program can then be run as-and-when the user requires, ensuring a consistent quality of measurement, each time the program is run.


Mitutoyo Crysta-Apex S

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This is a demonstration of the Mitutoyo Crysta-Apex S.  A variety of measurement features, measurement methods and probes are demonstrated with the Crysta-Apex S.  The measurement program can be seen running on our MCOSMOS software.


Mitutoyo MACH System Speed Test

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To demonstrate the speed of inline measuring systems Mitutoyo presented a comparative lay-out consisting of three different systems at the CONTROL FAIR.


Mitutoyo MAFIS Express Airfoil Measurement 

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This video shows MAFIS in action.  MAFIS stands for "Mitutoyo Aerofoil Inspection Software" and is developed by us here at Mitutoyo CTL Germany GmbH. It enables the calculation of all significant bearing surface parameters, e.g. of turbine blades on aeroplane engines, or pump blades.


You can find other videos on the YouTube channel from Mitutoyo Europe GmbH.