Clean Code Declaration

Mitutoyo clean code developerOur software must match up to the quality standard that our customers place on our high-precision measuring instruments, the accuracy of which is foremost. Just as important to us is the usability and extensibility of our software.

Software development is a complex process – and its complexity increases with the size of the project and the number of developers. As the complexity increases so does the challenge in avoiding errors and bugs within newly developed software features. It is only possible to meet this challenge when all parties abide by a common foundation – and that common foundation for us is the Clean Code Developer Initiative.

We have committed ourselves to the principles and practices of Clean Code in order to achieve our software’s high quality.

We know that we, as software developers, are not perfect. But we also know that we want to, and are able to, improve ourselves every day. Clean Code supports this through daily reflection and through putting the focus on small steps in continuous learning and knowledge sharing.

We carry out regular Clean Code Workshops, to focus our concentration on these small steps in learning and sharing. The Workshops are used:

  • to discuss examples about Clean Code Principles and Practices
  • to carry out practice exercises in small teams
  • to prepare larger exercises which teams will accomplish between Workshops

It is the Participants who carry the responsibility within the Workshops. By taking on rolls as lecturers and leaders they each tackle a single topic or lead a single team. Through this, they develop their own senses of responsibility for their ability and improvement – and that will be outwardly revealed through the quality of our Software.