The following content explains legal matters related to our website.  Should such legal matters be of relevance, then we ask you to observe the original German version of this text, by clicking the German flag at the top of this site.


Data Protection Policy for Job Applicants (Text is in German)

Data Protection Policy for Business Partner (Text is in German) 


General Data Protection Policy


Your Data is Safe with Us

Data protection, confidentiality, privacy and trust are important to us. How we protect, lawfully collect, use and process personal information, are all important matters of concern, care and respect for us. So that you may feel safe whilst visiting our website, we strictly observe the legal regulations in all matters regarding personal information. We would like to inform you about how we use and collect personal information.


1. Anonymous Data Collection

You can view our website without telling us who you are. We save only basic access information, which is non-personal in nature, and includes the name of your internet provider, your internet browser, operating system, date and time of the access, and the names of accessed files. This data is only used to improve the service we offer, and does and cannot not allow you to be personally identified.


2. Collection and Processing of Personal Information

We do not process personal data of our visitors.

We provide a Google Maps service. Visitor are themselves responsible for any data they voluntarily enter in the Google Maps page. We hereby refer you to the privacy policy of the operator of Google Maps.


3. Cookies

Our website sets "cookies" (small text files) on the machine used to view our website. These cookies serve, among other things, to increase usability (for example, to preserve your language selection across pages), effectiveness and security of the website. In addition cookies enable us to measure the frequency of page views and general navigation trends. Some of these cookies, which are transferred from our server to your computer system, are the so-called "session cookies". Session cookies are characterised by the fact that they are automatically deleted from your computer at the end of the browsing session. Other cookies remain on your computer system and allow us to recognise your computer system during your next visit (the so-called "persistent cookies").

Naturally you can reject cookies at any time, if your browser permits it. We must however inform you, that in this case, not all functions of our website may be fully usable.


Cookie Type Cookie Name Expires after Purpose of the Cookie
Session Cookie Standard Joomla Session-Cookie der Webseite. In the style of "A5203acf46816058d516d3f359ee66ff" End of the Session  It is used by the content management system to store the settings and enable usability of the web site during a single session.
Permanent Cookie cookieconsent_status 365 Days Stores the user's cookie consent state for the current domain.


4. Usage of Plugins


Joomla! Plugins

Our website is developed and maintained using Joomla!. Within Joomla! various plugins are provided as standard. Any plugins, which are not being used to run our website have been disabled. We only use Joomla! plug-ins, which do not transfer data such as name, e-mail addresses or IP addresses.

However, we do use a Joomla! plug-in in to "track" the number of page-views per menu item.


Incorporation of Services and Content from Third Parties

Parts of our website use content from third parties, for example, videos from YouTube, maps from Google Maps. This presumes, that the providers of such content (hereinafter referred to as "third party") require the IP address of the user. Without the IP address, they cannot send the content to the user’s browser, because the IP address is necessary for displaying the content. We try to ensure, that we only use such content, when the respective third party uses the IP address only for the delivery of content. We cannot, however, ensure that third parties do not use the IP address for other purposes, such as collecting statistics. When such other purposes are known to us, we will make it known to the user.


5. Right to Information

Right to Information (Article 15 GDPR)

Auskunftsrecht (Art. 15 DSGVO)

According to the Federal Data Protection Act (German: Bundesdatenschutzgesetz) you have a right to the information we have stored about you, free of charge, and a right to rectification, blocking or erasure of data.

The first copy will be free of charge, but further copies will be at a reasonable fee. A copy can only be provided if the rights of other persons are not affected.


6. Data Security

Our website and other systems are secured through technical and organizational measures against removal, modification, access or distribution of your data by unauthorised persons.


7. Further Information

If you have further questions about data protection, please contact us. For questions regarding the collection, processing or use of personal information, the disclosure, correction, blocking or deletion of data and or the revocation of rights to data, please contact us at:

Mitutoyo CTL Germany GmbH
Von-Gunzert-Straße 17

78727 Oberndorf a. N.


8. Downloading and Printing

You can print this text by using the print function of your web browser. With many browsers you will need to select the file menu and select "print".